Yamaha’s revolutionary WaveRunner, initially introduced during the mid-80’s, has now become the leading & must have PWC amongst many private & professional users.  These functional & fun-filled watercraft offer a truly exhilarating experience out on the water & can be a great form of recreational enjoyment had by everyone.  Whether you like the idea of playing around in the waves, skiing & wakeboarding or exploring the coast, these personal water craft offer you all these capabilities & more.

Yamaha have had many years expertise of small engines from motorcycles to their outboard marine engines & equally experienced in boat design and construction.  Yamaha has continued to invest in development and refining its technologies to realise a beautiful harmony between what the customers want in a WaveRunner and what is good for the environment.

People throughout the world today choose Yamaha WaveRunners as they know that only WaveRunners have the reliability guaranteed by Yamaha’s renowned technology and brand quality.  The durability and innovation of concept have made Yamaha the leading manufacturers in their field & this in turn will ensure you’ll make the most of your time out on the water.

2015 Yamaha WaveRunners

The best product with proven results!  In the US the PWC scene is huge, particularly when it comes to racing.  Yamaha didn’t set out to build WaveRunners for racing; they simply built them to be the best.  Designed solely on how riders use their PWC in every possible type of water conditions, when they started winning race after race, they knew their engine & hull designers got it right!


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