New TR-1 High Output 1049cc
The brand new TR-1 High Output 1049cc, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke engine powers all the VX models (excluding the new VX Cruiser HO and VXR).  This ultra light, compact, liquid cooled engine delivers class leading performance.  The engine is light, compact and packs a real punch offering lively acceleration and great top end power, whilst the electric fuel injection delivers a smooth drive with low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust emissions.  Yamaha’s major breakthrough with the new TR-1 engine, which replaces the MR-1 model that first appeared in production WaveRunners in 2002 and was Yamaha’s first four-stroke power-plant.  That motor was based on the R-1 motorcycle engine and had four cylinders with five valves each.  The new TR-1 has virtually the same 1 litre displacement but has three-cylinders with four valves apiece and weighs just 160 pounds; a 20 percent reduction.  It’s also 40% smaller and 13% more powerful.  One of the major benefits of the engine’s smaller footprint is it leaves plenty of room for maintenance.

High Output 1812cc
Power delivery from the large displacement, High Output 1812cc, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke engine is exhilarating and with the Hyper Flow jet pump with its 3 blade impeller helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration.  The electric fuel injection gives the smoothest possible power output and efficient, economical running.

Super Vortex High Output 1812cc
The Super Vortex High Output 4 cylinder, 4 stroke engine is a purpose built supercharged and inter-cooled Yamaha marine engine.  With increased cooling efficiency a supercharger which has been boosted 60% and an advanced fuel injection system which increases fuel flow only when required for delivering peak performance on the water.


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