If you are new to boating and looking to entertain this fun filled family experience yourself, we understand that trying to make sense of all the different types and styles of boats that are out there is no simple exercise.  Once you have decided in what you would like to do out on the water, the different kinds of boats can be broken down into various categories.  At Brighton Boat Sales, we have a wealth of knowledge that we are happy to share with you and hopefully help you on your way to getting afloat and getting the maximum enjoyment from it.

Think about what you would like to use her for, are you a keen fisherman, would you like to don on some skis or a wakeboard, would you prefer heading off and visiting new locations with extended overnight cruises or do you like the idea of hoisting up the sails and leisurely letting the wind guide you to where your heart desires.  All these options and many more can be yours to enjoy.

Boats built for fishing generally have purposely designed, open space cockpits, easy to wash down and safe, well protected areas that can accommodate a group to make your fishing easier.   The extra space required for this area many sacrifice some of the cabin comforts, but this could all change depending on the size of the craft and the facilities you are ultimately look for.  Larger fishing boats could offer greater cabin protection and would be a better option if you plan on regularly taking your vessel out in to deeper waters and moderate to rough sea conditions.   A great example of a very capable fast sport-fishing craft would be Wellcraft.  With over 60 years of innovative boat design and engineering expertise, Wellcraft is one of the best known brands in the marine industry producing elegant boats for their discerning owners.   These are fast, safe, and  very capable boats ideal for coastal use, be it fishing or skiing.  A comprehensive list of optional extras and accessories means you can equip your Wellcraft to meet your precise requirements.  There is also a wide range of colour schemes, heads compartments come as standard, everything is in place for you to enjoy and experience a great day of fishing or generally messing about on the water.

If you are interested in spending most of your time on the water wakeboarding, skiing or pulling the kids along on tow-able toys, you may want to consider Bowriders and/or the Cuddy Cabin Boat varieties.  Bowriders are extremely popular types of craft due to their versatile design.  These along with smaller cuddy cabin boats can be used for everything, easily trailed behind most family cars, simple day trips to water skiing and all other tow-able accessorises that are out there for your disposal.  Great all-rounders, these open boats are generally intended for day use in fair weather conditions and while they are exposed to the elements and considered a drawback by some boaters, it should also be considered an advantage, particularly when the sun is shining!  Great fun for you and your family or friends.

Personal Water Craft (PWC)
If you’re serious about getting into a Personal Watercraft, buying the right PWC can be a good investment that will give you, family and friends many years of enjoyment.  The best product with proven results would be the Yamaha WaveRunner range of skis. Throughout the world today, people choose Yamaha WaveRunners as they know that only WaveRunners have the reliability guaranteed by Yamaha’s renowned technology and brand quality.  The durability and innovation of concept have made Yamaha the leading manufacturers in their field & this in turn will ensure you’ll make the most of your time out on the water.  Depending on your budget, you will find a WaveRunner that will meet your requirements.   When you are working out your budgets, remember to allow for insurance, training, personal gear & clothing along with some safety equipment.  All these areas we can happily discuss further with you & as a result get you afloat quickly & most cost effectively.

The choice of RIB’s on offer today is huge.   Rigid Inflatable Boats, in their popular and established forms, can be heavily built offering relatively soft cruising hulls, wrapped in a large diameter inflatable tube providing assisted buoyancy, which in-turn contributes to the users comfort and confidence while absorbing any high speed knocks and bangs out in rough conditions.  If you are looking for a lively experience in demanding seas and happy to overlook some of the refinements that sports boats tend to offer, take a closer look to what RIBS can offer you and your family.  A good all-rounder and family friendly example would be GRAND RIBS.  Not only are you getting a high quality craft, you will also appreciating the comfort and outstanding handling characteristics that these RIBS have to offer.  The range currently stands at over 50 models, which together with a comprehensive list of options and accessories means you can select and equip your RIB to meet you and your families precise personal requirements.  Additional, there is a wide range of colour schemes for the tubes, GRP hull and upholstery providing you with the facility to create something truly unique & personal to you.

Motor Boating/Cruising
If you fancy the idea of travelling and entertaining in comfort, then these boats are designed primarily for that purpose.  Motorboats or Cruisers can beset a wide range of individual styles and ranges.  In its basic form a cruiser is any powerboat with overnight facilities, a galley and the means to take you to far off horizons.   Motorboat styles can be broken down simply into your Flybridge and Express cruiser varieties.  Flybridge cruisers generally always have a helm position up on the bridge and a second helm position below decks within the cabin.  This option is generally popular for those who expect to be out in all weather conditions.  The facility to be able to jump between stations depending on the current weather conditions will enable you to maintain your journey uninterrupted.   The Express cruiser variety generally offer a faster, sleeker design aspect with an emphases on a large open cockpit with good seating & sun-lounging capabilities and accommodation below decks.   Many modern Express cruisers have remote opening sunroofs and plenty of windows, so enjoying the open air and sunshine is no problem, whereas many earlier designs gave you canvas aft closing covers with various removable sections depending on your given mood.

Sailing Boat
On a sailboat, be prepared for a little work.  There is always something to do from tweaking sails, grinding winches to adjusting the steering to ever-changing wind direction.  Sailing can be an art and isn’t necessarily for everyone, but once you’ve mastered the basics, can be very rewarding.  There are a few different sailing options available to you from day sailors, cruisers to racers.  Day sailors are usually open cockpit boats with a couple of sails and optional outboard power unit giving you and your crew a quick medium of getting out on the water for a few hours of non complicated sailing.  Cruising yachts will give you the facility to extend those sailing excursions while more advance fitted out models will take you to far off distance places with all the necessary creature comforts on-board, until you decide to dock and interact with humanity again.  Racing and performance yachts are usually built to a lighter design.   Sailboat racing is hugely popular with many marinas offering clubs and regular race meets.  A great physical outlet and team building activity, there are many competitions in which you can race in a variety of different yacht classes, modern carbon-fiber raceboats, classic wooden yachts  and ultralight catamarans to name a few.

When considering any kind of boat, PWC or yacht, you should think about how many people you will likely be taking on-board.  The size of your boat will be rated in terms of maximum adult capacity so consider choosing a boat with enough space for all your family and friends; you will find new friends will suddenly appear once you announce you own a boat!

Boating can actually be good for your health and could provide many opportunities to stay physically active.  Need an excuse to drag the kids away from the TV & their games machines, introduce them to boating.  Whether you enjoy the challenges from a rigorous sailing run or the exhilarating speed from waterskiing, boating can provide many sporting activities for you to choose from.  Just simply moving around your boat & breathing in the fresh sea air will invigorate & re-energise you.  Boating could keep you and your family very active!

Boating is fun & you should be out there enjoying it too.  There are so many opportunities available today, there is no reason why anyone can’t take advantage of the benefits that boating has to offer. Why not come along & see what it’s all about.  We are regularly introducing families to boating & all the fun that comes with owning a boat, you could be doing it too!  Please drop in & have an informal chat, pick up the phone or drop us an email, don’t hesitate to get in touch & see how easy it is to start your new adventure.


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