Trading a normal life of land living to moving on-board a boat can be initially a daunting prospect.  From the words of our latest member of staff, Heather will help you ease those concerns & share with you her own experiences & how she would never go back! 

On my first day at Brighton Boat Sales, showing a couple around A Beneteau Oceanis 373 Clipper, I was reminded of the time when I made the decision to buy a boat.  I saw in the couple the same fears, excitement and enthusiasm that I had felt.  The first steps aboard a boat can make all cynicism fall away, leaving only possibilities.  To travel or to stay put?  Suddenly you can think about different futures that you may not have entertained before, but equally, may have dreamed of all of your life.

I remember the excitement in the precision of the boat, every space made with purpose, cubby holes for all the different essentials, deep holds, cupboards and drawers that secure for the rougher seas.  Beds and sofas made to make the most of the space.

Every boat is different.  The yacht that I was showing the couple around, seemed like luxury compared to my original buy, a Moody 33.  This Beneteau yacht was spacious, comfortable and had a wet-room/heads that was the size of a small cabin.  The galley was really modern.  The holds in the cockpit were deep enough to stand in and all of the lines came back to the fore cabin, suggesting that this is a boat that can be sailed single handed, or at least that in rough weather you could remain safe in the cockpit.  The boat looks like a home from home, I could see the appeal to the young woman who really wasn’t sold on the idea of moving on-board a boat originally; she liked the space for entertaining friends and was surprised by the generous head room.  The boat was not worlds away from the apartments they were looking at.  The husband was taken with the tech on-board and in his eyes you could see him imagining sailing around the world.

Watching them, imaginations at play, it made me realise how lucky I am to have this life.  To live everyday on the ocean.  Everyone has their different ideas, their different dreams.  Buying a boat today can be to fulfil your dream of travelling the world, exploring new lands and cultures.  Maybe you are after a boat for weekend sailing; a boat to fish, or a party boat.  Or perhaps, with living costs rising, living aboard is the way forward for you.  Finding the boat that suits your needs and your budget is a satisfying feeling that can’t be compared.  Fear fades as you take the boat out for the first time or as you set it up exactly how you want it.  After the initial fears and challenges of choosing the boat and parting with the cash, you can begin to live your very own dream on the ocean.

Heather’s insight is one of experience & we are glad she has joined our team.  Why not come along & speak with Heather if you are looking to make that transition yourself from land to sea; she’ll be more than happy to pass on her wisdom.



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