RiDE offers the world’s first dual throttle handlebar controls on a personal watercraft.  Simply pull the right handle lever and you accelerate; pull the left lever and you will go in reverse.  Pulling the left lever at speed will decelerate your WaveRunner.  Pull both levers together, or in any combination, and the system recognizes your intentions and provides precise control at all speeds ,all of the time.  Release both levers and you shift to neutral.  There’s no manual shifting, no gears, no complicated processes.

Unlike the iBR bucket design, Yamaha pushes deflected water completely out to the sides of the bucket.  This gives the RiDE equipped model the feeling of a “virtual rudder” in reverse, with the craft responding almost immediately to directional input at the helm with virtually no hesitation or directionless wandering.  The addition of thrust just adds to the swiftness of the response.



RIDE also slows the boat with no dramatic change in running attitude.  This eliminates the brief bow drop experienced during hard, full-speed braking on a Sea-Doo.  In fact, during a full day of testing RIDE equipped models, I found myself not once hesitant to pull the RIDE lever at full speed, something I would do with care (and a definite shift of weight toward the stern) on an iBR-equipped Sea-Doo.



Unlike iBR, whose left lever acts as a gear shift, RiDE allows you to reverse freely without the right throttle, as Yamaha’s left-hand trigger is a throttle… the reverse bucket retains much of its existing design, including the side exits that funnel thrust to either side (rather than up and down, which tends to nose plow on iBR-equipped skis)


See the RiDE system in action here.  For further details or to see for yourself how simple these jet skis can be handled, call Brighton Boat Sales 01273 840129.


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