Sell My Boat; We Can Sell Your Boat!

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Sell My Boat; We Can Sell Your Boat!

Sell your Boat from our Brighton Boat Sales Office & Dedicated Sales Pontoon!

We are capable of grasping every opportunity to promote and sell your boat whether you are based in Brighton Marina or along the South Coast.  The vast majority of people online these days start at Google and click within the main index of any given search engine.  We have in place a more advanced search engine optimisation strategy that enables us to deliver the Brighton Boat Sales website far higher up Google for a much wider spread of important search terms ensuring a lot more of the right people are finding your boat listed from our website.  This increased visibility without a doubt, increases a lot more of the right individuals in our direction so we can help our customers find the exact boat they are looking for.  Yes, we will still market your boat through sites like ‘The Yacht Market’ & ‘Yachtworld’ but we don’t just rely on these sites alone in promoting your boat for sale like so many other companys’ do.

We have experienced a much improved level of business this year compared to last, which can only be down to customers growing confidence & the desire to get afloat, our implemented strategies & marketing strengths & of course our willingness to do the best for our customers.

So, if you are looking to sell your boat or currently not having any success with your existing broker, get that little bit extra & pick up the phone or call in to our office located in Brighton Marina & see how we will go about selling your boat.  Our office is open 7 days a week & manned by dedicated & enthusiastic staff with many years of knowledge & experience to offer in all aspects of boating & we will work hard to sell your boat!

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